H&M Creates Augmented Reality Experience for Moschino Collab


NEW YORK — H&M has seen the future of fashion and it’s centered around augmented reality.

The Swedish retailer tonight will hold a multimedia-themed fashion show and experiential installation to introduce its latest collaboration with Moschino. The 700 guests will see not only a runway show with looks designed by Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott, but also be invited to strap on a headset and walk into a high-tech world designed to bring the collection to life.

H&M has teamed with Magic Leap, a spatial computing company, and Warpin Media, a Swedish-based software company, on what it is calling “an immersive fashion experience at the Moschino tv H&M global launch event.”

The retailer created a walk-in box on the site of the fashion show that replicates the multicolored stripes of an old-fashioned television screen. Within the box are a few colorful apparel and accessories pieces from the collection on display, along with a couple of kiosks.

After strapping on a Magic Leap headset, guests will be able to explore the space where virtual objects will be responsive to viewer cues. For example, by reaching out to “touch” a bag featured in one vignette, the bag melts into itself.

Other pieces have videos that play when the headset is directed toward them that include a young woman playing with a stuffed H&M Moschino dog and a Jeremy Scott gold-plated head that revolves while loud music plays in the background.

Experiencing the entire installation is expected to take around five minutes until most or all of the screens show: “End of Transmission” and the headset is passed to the next person.


Source: wwd.com, by Jean E. Palmieri