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The Pleasure Project

A travel documentary series exploring the anthropology of desire, travel and pleasure brought to life in a sharp series of 20-minute episodes. A collection of stand-alone video essays that focus on the subject of pleasure, where it comes from, and what it looks like today. A stimulating production unpacking today’s hierarchy of needs.


“I’ve been paying close attention to levels of pleasure since I can first remember. My antennae seem to have come tuned that way. I’ve honed my skill thru memorable experiences working in various capacities for some of the most demanding and discerning client cultures in the world: as the owner of an import-based retail shop, curator and leader of exquisite, immersive travel, as brand ambassador for luxury products, and most recently as producer of a travel video series (The Pleasure Project) focused on concepts of pleasure in exceptional locales.”

- Leslie Bedolla, Founder of BBE, Producer of “The Pleasure Project”