I am the proud founder of Blackbook Experience and 'The Pleasure Project.'  My business is an expression of my belief that our lives too often lack an element of the sublime.  In my experience, whether staying close to home or traveling the world, businesses rarely deliver the extraordinary.  Few retailers, restaurants, hotels, spas and other experience-based establishments create the value of what I call soulful pleasure.

That strikes me as a shame.  There is a quantum difference in value between a good or even a great experience and an experience that is truly memorable.  Yet, the effort and expense it takes to bridge that crucial gap is often within reach if approached with insight and creativity.  I think that’s a big deal, because the elevation of experience distinguishes businesses that work and businesses that are classic, iconic, and built to last.

I’ve been paying close attention to levels of pleasure since I can first remember.  My antennae seem to have come tuned that way. I’ve honed my skill as a creator of memorable experiences working in various capacities for some of the most demanding and discerning client cultures in the world: as the owner of an import-based retail shop, as curator and leader of exquisite, immersive travel, as brand ambassador for luxury products, and most recently as producer of a travel video series — The Pleasure Project — focused on concepts of pleasure across cultures in exceptional locales. 

I wear many hats — producer, publicist, brand ambassador, travel management, consultant, and more.  Whatever the case or the occasion, however, my commitment and intention to serve at the highest level remain the same.

Ironically, the two catalysts that inspired me to step into this venture were not pleasurable in the least.  In fact, just the opposite — call it transcendent pain.  One was divorce and the other was a health scare that challenged me to my spiritual core.  The good news is that both helped me clarify my values and gave a sense of mission to how I would approach life from then on.

Blackbook Experience is the result.  Enjoy.